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Sherford Vale FC is a new club set up to based in our local community of Sherford.

Our club has recently been established with the aim of providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment for young children to develop their football skills and foster a passion for the sport. As Sherford is a new community, our aim is to create a lasting legacy for the children in our community. Providing them with an opportunity to build confidence, teamwork, and physical fitness.

As well as providing structured, sporting opportunities for young people within our community. We provide a social, focal point for new families moving into the community. To meet our commitment of inclusivity, we charge minimal fees to cover the essentials of running a football club. As such, sponsorship is really beneficial to us and our members.

By sponsoring the cost of a kit saves us having to pass these costs on to our members. In turn, we can advertise sponsors on our kits and promote them on our thriving social media pages

Sherford Vale FC

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