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More and more professional players across a multitude of sports are incorporating a high quality non slip GRIP SOCK as a 'must have' into their matchday kit.


Futera have created their own grip sock, allowing players increased confidence across all movement. Once you've tried our grip socks you will never want to be without them!


Sizing categories vary from brand to brand so please do take the time to check our size guide before placing your order.



  • F-DOT technology for superior grip within all footwear.
  • Grip F-dots on the underside of the sock reduces unnecessary movement.
  • 2 colour choices.
  • Minimal branding so ideal for game play


Please note that 'JUNIOR' teamwear is a zero rated tax product and should only be purchased for use by children under the age of 14 years.


    • A size guide can be found in the 'OUR RANGE' drop down menu on the FUTERA TEAM UK website. Please take the time to check your correct fit as all teamwear sizes vary from brand to brand. All personalised (includes numbers) are unfortunately non refundable.


    • UK law states that VAT is applicable on all clothing intended for use on persons above the age of 14 years old. Therefore, regardless of garment size, please only select from the JUNIOR range if the teamwear is intended for a person under 14 years.
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