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As a teamwear provider we understand the importance of having the right kit for performance and morale, yet are very aware that for many local teams financing this kit can be a challenge out of reach. At Futera Team UK we are really excited to launch a unique new initiative that aims to help connect local clubs in need, with businesses who may wish to collaborate in becoming your new kit sponsor.

So are you a club who could benefit from a kit sponsor? Or maybe a business who either already sponsors, or is considering doing so? Well read on to see how our scheme works...


All clubs who are looking for a sponsor can post a free listing on our 'Sponsors Wall'. Here you will have the opportunity to pitch your club and your needs to any potential sponsors. This will include selecting a kit value that you are seeking. But be aware, to be successful and create a long term relationship, sponsorship is a two way process.

To stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of local businesses you will need to think of creative ways in which your club can offer value back to the sponsor. This will undoubtedly start with the sponsors logo featuring on your kit, but may also extend to billboards, signed shirts or an invite to your presentation evening. The sky is the limit with your creativity - and one things for certain, keep your sponsor happy and they'll be back for more!



Considering sponsoring a local club? It is so on-trend to be associated with a local sports club or society. It can give great exposure to your brand, make a positive impact in your community and there are also great tax benefits too! Have a look through our Sponsors Wall where you will find a variety of clubs, from newly formed ones taking their first steps, through to established semi and fully professional teams. And do not fear, this program has been set up for mutual benefit, so the days of handing over money and getting not a lot in return are no more. There will be so much on offer from the clubs, so have a good browse and you may just find an awesome connection that can showcase your business perfectly.

Already sponsoring a club? Well done you! Just make sure you are not missing out on all those tax benefits. For example, if you're VAT registered are you making sure you are paying the kit supplier direct rather than making your donation to the club? This way you can claim any relevant VAT back to your business. And if a club has multiple sponsors, or if a donation doesn't cover the full cost of a kit order then we are very happy to split invoices to maximise the benefit for everyone. Why not tell the club you sponsor about us? Could be a win win all round...?


  • Clubs apply to be featured on our 'Sponsors Wall' by filling in the 'Apply for Sponsorship' form. It is here that teams can showcase their club and what they can offer any potential sponsors in return.

  • Clubs then select the value of kit sponsorship that they are seeking - £250, £500, £1000, £2500, £5000 or £10000.

  • Interested potential sponsors can browse through the featured teams and choose one they would like to support. This is when we put both parties in touch with each other to clarify any finer details.

  • If all parties are happy, then payment is then made by the sponsor direct to Futera Team UK and this acts as a credit for the club to spend on their dream kit or much needed teamwear!

We believe that every team deserves to look and feel their best on the field, and this program is one way we can help make that happen. If you're a club in need of a sponsor, we encourage you to apply to be featured on our website. If you're a sponsor looking for a way to support your community and add value and content to your business, we invite you to browse through our 'Sponsors Wall' and consider supporting one today.

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