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We are launching a brand new adult women's team! Bringing women's football to Cowplain for the first time in their history. Cowplain FC has youth and men's teams, but we are their first-ever women's team.


As such, we are starting from scratch. We have a sponsor for our playing kit but would love to be able to promote ourselves with some nice training kit, and look like a real team!


Team Photo - We don't have one yet as we are a brand new team! I am a marketing executive in my day job, and can offer a sponsor regular coverage on our social media pages. We can also put up banners and artwork/posters (supplied by the sponsor) at the school grounds where we are based. The footfall in these areas is very high, from school pupils as well as teachers, parents, and other users of the sports facilities.

Cowplain Ladies FC




  • Please drop us an email at and we can give you any further information you wish to know and hopefully put you in touch with the club!

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