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We are a small village club based north of Cheltenham in the UK. The club was established in 1999 but this was predominantly for boys. For the past 4 years, girls football has been created at the club. We began with 10 very inexperienced players and have grown the club to over 140 girls in the 4 years since we began. The players have done incredibly well with many of them now competing at a very high level. We are growing numbers rapidly due to the extraordinary success of the England Lionesses, the rise of female sport (particularly football) in general, the new found willingness to introduce girls football into schools, and of course our own success and reputation as a family-oriented club with strong ethos in playing football in a progressive way and being all-inclusive. We are really trying to give the girls the best we can, and this includes kit - we would dearly love some sponsorship so to be able to provide new kit for the teams - this gives a huge sense of belonging!

Gotherington Juniors


  • Please drop us an email at and we can give you any further information you wish to know and hopefully put you in touch with the club!

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