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We have a new age group and are struggling to find a kit sponsor. Any help would be appreciated. We play under the Hampshire FA (Football Association).


Club History:

The club was founded as Bournemouth Rovers on 11 September 1875 at a meeting held in Abbotts Auction Mart in Old Christchurch Road. In 1878 on Tuesday 26 November the club participated in one of the first floodlit matches, when they played under experimental electric lights at Dean Park for “a grand exhibition of the new electric light”. In 1888 the club moved to Dean Park, and changed their name to Bournemouth Dean Park. The club changed its name again to Bournemouth F.C. in 1889 when the club amalgamated with local side Bournemouth Arabs, and moved grounds a season later to Victoria Park. In 1896–97 the club became founder members of the Hampshire League. Bournemouth Youth Poppies are very proud to continue the traditions and history of this historic club. For many years now Bournemouth Youth Poppies have played football from Victoria Park, Bournemouth. With continued growth, we now play home games from Fernheath, just a few minutes drive from Victoria Park. With teams in nearly all age groups, we hope to continue and add to the clubs history in the forthcoming years. Become part of the Bournemouth Poppies history…

Bournemouth Youth Poppies

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  • Please drop us an email at and we can give you any further information you wish to know and hopefully put you in touch with the club!

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