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We are a Members & Community asset based in one of the most economically deprived areas of Britain. We support all our members irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity and ability. Ages can range to as high as 83 years young, whilst our youngest is a mid twenties guy who is technically registered blind and diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder. We’ve 100 plus members with ladies accounting for 13%, over 65s for 27% with an equal percentage of over 60s.


We are looking for a sponsor to partner proudly with our ethos and profile. Our continuing growth is placing a strain on our twice weekly sessions and there is a shortage of suitable AstroTurf pitches in the area, with rising costs placing greater pressure on our affordability and sustainability. We would welcome the chance to discuss just what we can offer to potential partner sponsors. In the autumn we expect to be faced with pitch fee price increases, we had hoped to provide sweatshirts to promote the Club, whilst keeping members warm too. 

St Helens Walking Football Club



    St Helens Walking Football Club


  • Please drop us an email at and we can give you any further information you wish to know and hopefully put you in touch with the club!

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