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Futera Teamwear hits the UK!

It has taken brothers Mark Watson & Paul Bennett six months of hard work, but on Monday 6th March 2023 the Futera Team brand of sportswear finally launches in the UK.

Mark, the Creative Director of iconic trading card company Futera, had the vision of launching the teamwear arm to the business after realising there was a huge gap in the market for creatively designed kits.

Success in Australia, providing kit to professional teams such as Adelaide City and Sturt Lions has led to a desire to expand the brand into the UK.

The two brothers have threatened to work together on many occasions over the past decade, but this opportunity has proven the perfect fit for Plymouth based businessman Paul to join up with his Thailand based brother Mark. But it was all based on one condition for Paul...

"I'm in, but only if we can be a clothing brand that supplies teamwear across a variety of sports!"

Mark agreed, and the sports mad brothers have spent the past 6 months designing new products and branding to appeal to a multitude of sporting playgrounds. Futera Team UK was born.

The brothers launch on March 6th 2023 for what will hopefully be the start of a very exciting journey for their new teamwear brand.

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